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Traditional Bad Breath Problems Solutions

Bad Breath Problems Solutions: Bad breath is very troubling, especially if you need to talk to someone important. Bad breath can make you less confident, so many people who want to completely eliminate bad breath. There are many bad breath problems solutions that you can choose whatever you like, but my advice use the traditional way to use the natural herbal ingredients tackle your bad breath problem, because it is not having an adverse effect to your health, it is also cheap and easy.

Bad Breath Problems Solutions: Natural ingredients to eliminate bad breath

Nevertheless there are several traditional ways for eliminating bad breath and breathing very impressive if it can be done on a regular basis. The following are natural ingredients that can eliminate bad breath:

1.     Betel

Betel is a good antiseptic for overcoming bad breath, and then uses it to overcome an unpleasant smell in the mouth. You can immediately chewed or boiled first and then use water to rinse.

2.     Clove

Take 3 or 5 budget clove flower and then boiled with water or submerge into a glass of lukewarm water for about 5 minutes. After it is left to cool and use boiled water to rinse your mouth. Use in the morning and evening that is 2 times a day.

3.     Cinnamon bark

Cinnamon bark contains ingredients that can help to eliminate bad breath problem. In addition, he is also able to reduce bacteria that become stem halitosis problem. Chew a little cinnamon bark every night before bed. Swallow water, then discard the waste. Resume practicing every night. If you smoked cinnamon bark every day, it can deduct the presence of bacteria causing bad breath by 50%.

4.     Green tea

Another possible way you can do naturally is by drinking green tea at least 2 times a day.

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