Extranumerary Teeth

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Product Description
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What is Extranumerary Teeth

Extranumerary teeth are the extra teeth in the oral cavity. The teeth can be at any location in the mouth. There are no specific causes of the teeth development. But some theories say that these teeth are developed doe to the genetic or the division of the the tooth bud or the hyperactivity of the lamina that cause the additional teeth to grow. the genetic has something to do with it. and If you have the teeth problem, You need to learn more about it to be able to keep your mouth heath and safe.

Extranumerary teeth problem

This  teeth problem occur more in the permanent teeth rather than the deciduous teeth. Single additional tooth presence is commonly occur than the multiple teeth in someone’s mouth.  The problem can be found n male and female but the number of the extra teeth occur in male is twice than in female. The extra teeth that grow in the wrong place may cause the mouth problem. It will make you hard to cew the meal or even wound your mouth. These teeth problems are classified in some categories based on where the teeth grow.  For people who have this teeth problem should have different treatment than people with the normal teeth.

Extranumerary teeth solution

Extranumerary TeethThe teeth problem may cause further mouth problem or even digest problem. Therefore you need to solve the problem and find the best solution for it. In some situation, the single extra teeth problem can be solved by having the orthodontic process. In the serious case, you have no choice than to pull of the teeth and ensure that you have no extra teeth anymore. Learn before you decide, inform your self with the information. You can visit http://www.oram-plus.com/ to get the information about the extra teeth and how to deal with the problem.

Teeth that grow wrong must be corrected or removed, but if it does not interfere with better be locked. To clean the teeth, gums and mouth odor disturbing and can not be cured with toothpaste and mouthwash, you can perform alternative treatments with Oram plus. why with Oram plus? Oram plus does not contain chemicals, but can solve your problems by killing harmful bacteria in your mouth quickly and safely. Please visit the official website Oram plus, click the image below you will be taken to the official website Oram plus, you will be given information that is useful for healthy teeth, gums and bad breath.  

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